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History of the versions
v 1.1.15 13.01.19

  • Increase messaging protocol security
v 1.1.14 13.12.18

  • Optimization of design
v 1.1.13 17.10.18

  • Some features were improved
v 1.1.12 13.08.18

  • Update of design
v 1.1.11 20.06.18

  • Improvement of the performances of the application
v 1.1.10 28.05.18

  • Improved security of the application
v 1.1.9 09.03.19

  • Add other features for the application
v 1.1.7 12.08.18

  • Some errors was corrected
v 1.1.6 10.01.18

  • Update of design
v 1.1.5 12.12.17

  • Build the design of the application
  • Develop the protocol for the exchange of messages
Wease is a messaging application like WhatsApps, Skype, Messenger and others.

The peculiarities of Wease :
  • Exchanges are encrypted using a public key and a private key
  • The application is simple and lightweight
  • Account creation is automatic
  • It guarantees good data confidentiality, once delivered, messages do not are not stored on the server. The list of contacts is not stored on the server
  • There can only be one open Wease session per user. If another computer opens the application to the same profile, the session closes automatically on the other computer: Display an alert “Your session is closed because it was open on another computer“